Sunday, April 19, 2009

CC Skye Lucy Bag

CC Skye is a designer I just heard about a couple months ago. Her designer are funky but still classic. My color choice for summer is hot pink! Obviously, the CC Skye Lucy Bag is giving it to me. The edgy hardware has also hit the target. It's bold and gold. The braided handles break the trend of otherwise smooth surfaces to keep it interesting. I wouldn't change a thing on this bag, so props to CC Skye! Buy through "shopmanhattanite" for $695 and you'll be sure to win some complients!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Isabella Fiore Women's Frill Seeker Harlow Satchel

Blue is this season's trendy color. I was browsing Bloomingdales "Ocean Blue Trends" and found my blue bag for the season. The Isabella Fiore Women's Frill Seeker Harlow Satchel is beautifull!! It is girly with lots of frill and a framed opening. This gorgeous purse comes in black (but who would buy black when this terific turquise is in the running?) My heart is longing for this soft leather creation. Achieve through Bloomies for $550.

Juicy Couture Crown and Key Pammy Tote

The new Juicy bags that came online today are definitely not cramping my style. I love the hues and styles they are coming out with. As I have already introduced, I live for totes. This one is roomy enough to even use as an over night bag. The earth tones are wonderful, but it is availible in black and white too. Year round, this will look good. Buy this through Bloomingdales for $188.


Recently, fringe has been popping up all over the place and in many designers’ collections. On average, I usually don't like fringe. Here are some examples of new fringe bags:

Katherine Kwei has managed to open my mind on fringe. The Katherine Kwei Donna Toe is ridiculously beautiful. The fringe adds visual interest, but because the fringe gathers at the bottom and the top has a banner of leather, this purse still has a clean and simple look. The handles are perfect for this bag. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1,300.

Again, I am very pleased with the fringe going on here. The Juicy Couture Padlock Leather Eva Bag has worked in the fringe with out looking tacky. This delicate purse would be missing something if the fringe were removed. Buy through Juicy Couture online for $228 :).

OK. Maybe it is time for me to surrender. The more I see, the more fringe bags I like. The Botkier Soft Pleated Hobo is gorgeous. The fringe is sparingly used and so chic. The soft Italian leather comes in Dusty Rose so I love it (I have always had a soft spot for pink bags <3).>. Sorry the link isn't working :)

Here are some examples of this season's fringe. I must admit that I like alot of it. When used as an accent, fringe can be beautiful. I still think the all fringe bags look like a heap of shreaded paper that should be recycle.

Valentino 'Lacca Fleur' Coated Canvas Satchel

The first time I heard of Valentino was just last week! I have been browsing though all of their bags and am surprised how adorable they are! They might even be my new favorite designer purse brand. The only unfortunate thing about these purses are their price. Most Valentino bags are very expensive. The cheapest bag I found was $995. The Valentino "Lacca Fleur' Coated Canvas Satchel is just classic. With its glossy red color it would be perfect for a nice night out to dinner or even a party. It will step up any outfit! The satchel is slouchy which means it will have room inside for all of the basic thing you need. The feature that sets this bag apart from all others are the lovely roses atop of it. It completes the feel of the Satchel. This purse is the type (fancy and classic) of bag everyone needs at least one of, and I recommend it highly. The Valentino 'Lacca Fleur' Coated Canvas Satchel also comes in black. This amazing bag costs $1,495 at Nordstroms. 

Juicy Couture 'Daisy Print Daydreamer' Tote

Juicy! Juicy Couture consistently comes out with new fashionable purses. Never have I seen an ugly purse made by Juicy (I do like some more than others though). This purse is BY FAR my favorite Juicy purse right now. The Juicy Couture 'Daisy Print Daydreamer' Tote screams SUMMER! With its cheerful yellow color and bright daisies this purse is a Summer must have! My favorite part is the ribbon drawstring on top. It adds a playful tone and definitely completes the bag. The large bee charm adds a nice touch to the purse also, because the black balances out the bag. This tote has a nice shape and has a very roomy interior. This tote also comes in puddle brown and poinsettia red. I personally think the buttercup yellow is the best for summer because the other colors are too dark and are fall colors in my opinion. This tote in buttercup yellow is perfection in every way.  Buy the Juicy Couture 'Daisy Print Daydreamer' Tote at Nordstrom for $228

Friday, April 10, 2009

Chanel Reinterpretation of Classic Flap

Once upon a time, I was sauntering through one of my favorite places. The mall. Innocently, I glanced over to the Chanel store and fell really hard. In love that is <3. Gleaming, the glass window restrained me from my new purse. My new purse that was only mine in my mind. While "Your Beautiful" rung in my head, I forced myself to keep walking. The end.

That is the tale of the Chanel Reinterpretation. Crisp Black and White lambskin makes it up. On the top of my purse wish list (I always have one going) :) this bag will stay until I purchase it for $idk at Chanel.